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Top Documentary Films

It’s no secret that the future of entertainment is online streaming, and the future has already started well. After the super success of Netflix, every content provider is eager to get in on the online streaming play. For many, this means finally ditching their cable companies and their astronomical bills. Unfortunately, they also found that Internet streaming could still be costly. With Amazon Prime Video, Top Documentary Films, HBO, SlingTV, and countless others all throwing their hats into the ring, subscription fees can add up quickly.

While the world of Internet streaming can be scary, there are many free services that are legitimate. While there are many streaming sites currently in operation, Top Documentary Films is one of the known and good Service Provider in online Streaming.

Have a hankering for real life? Top Documentary Films has you covered. Featuring a wide variety of subjects from conspiracy theories to climate change, Top Documentary Films will undoubtedly give you a food recipe for thought.

How to Spot an Illegal Streaming Site

The law surrounding piracy is very complex and subject to interpretation. Whether or not just watching an illegal stream can land you in prison or have you facing a hefty fine is still up in the air; however, there are other inherent risks. Illegal streaming sites can try to infect your PC with malware, steal sensitive personal information or bog you down with intrusive ads. Have a look at some of the indicators of a legit streaming service.

  • There is an “About Us” or “Contact Us” section. Legit streaming sites are run by people who are transparent about who they are and want user feedback. Lacking these sections could indicate that the owners of the site are trying to remain anonymous.
  • They tell you where the movies are coming from. Legal streaming sites will disclose how they obtain the rights to host the content they offer. Generally, this is done via partnerships with movie studios.
  • They make money through advertisements. Free sites need cash to keep the lights on. Ads that interrupt viewing (similar to when you’re watching a longer YouTube video) are common.
  • There’s an app. Ios and Android apps go through a review process before hitting the market to make sure they don’t violate any policies.
  • Simply put, an illegal streaming app would never make it to the public. There are newer films available. If a streaming site is offering a film that is still in theatres or hasn’t hit home video yet, there’s a good chance it’s illegal.

Knowledge is power. Yes? It’s true. In today’s era, Knowledge is one of the most essential things to keep yourself updated with the fast-growing world.

Everyone has their ways to acquire knowledge. Some people like to read articles and blogs, some go and participate in debate competitions, some people like to gain knowledge from their family, friends, and elders. Documentary films are always a source of inspiration, once you are into watching documentary films you can’t just get over them easily.

According to recent research, it was found that one of the most efficient ways to gain knowledge is to watch documentaries. It is because in the human brain the information lasts more when it was acquired through visual means.

Here are some of the Top documentary films ever made which you will surely love to see.

1) Man on wire

Man on Wire released in 2008 British-American biographical documentary film directed by James Marsh. In the movie, Philippe Petit was a wire walker who loves the beauty of the performance and the danger of it.

Watching Petit and his friends set up the wires and then seeing him walk between the Twin Towers is a memorable moment. There is an elegancy in his balance and dedication  that is awesome

The complex handling of Petit’s story is what makes Man on Wire such a promising documentary watch. You can watch it here

2) Amy

The Documentary of Amy Winehouse was one of the huge hits of her time. Amy Winehouse stunned the music world as a goddess.

She was a god-gifted talent whose smoky, jazzy style made her an original as well as a throwback to a different era, but due to her family issues, she drove herself to escape into alcohol and drugs. And we don’t really need to explain what alcohol and drugs do to a person, that too a person of significance. The same was the fate of Amy Winehouse.

If you have even a little interest in music. Then, watching Amy is the perfect treat for you.

3) Won’t you be my neighbor? 

One of the best documentaries, and overall movies, you will see in your entire life. It is an Insightful and deeply emotional documentary that is a delight from start to finish.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” depicts the history of Fred McFeely Rogers who was Presbyterian minister, children’s advocate, and the most beloved Republican of the United States since Abe Lincoln.

Mr. Rogers was known for wearing a specific article of clothing and his ability of sweet communication talk a Congressman or two

Political perceptions, it is one of the best documentaries ever made.

4) Free solo

Free Solo is an incredible portrait of free soloist mountain climber Alex Honnold and his historic 2017 climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan.

The documentary presents the unflinching life story of Alex as he prepares to fulfill his lifelong dream and often cross the limits and unlock the potential for the human body.

In a few words, Free Solo concludes an outstanding achievement and does it well. It is an extremely beautiful and anxiety-filled story at the same time.

There are some scary moments which makes it a documentary worth watching.

5) Inside job

“Inside Job” was directed by Charles Ferguson, who made the best and most informative documentary of all time about the Iraq war

It’s a masterful combination of exploring the series of bad decisions and deregulation that led to the financial crisis

The documentary is highly recommended to anybody interested in the subject. It is because it does cover the real, deep systemic causes of the crisis

6) Crip Camp

This documentary is produced by Michelle and Barack Obama and released in March 2020, the documentary features Camp Jened in the 1970s and is interspersed with interviews reflecting on their revolutionary experiences as campers.

Camp Jened was founded in the 1950s and shut down in the late ’70s as a result of financial difficulties.

This documentary is a delightful tribute to the “hallowed grounds” of what was once Crip Camp and the inspiring disability activists. You can watch it on Best horror movies to have a bite, on Netflix

7) Blackfish

Blackfish is a 2013 American documentary film directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. “Blackfish” is generally used by First peoples to describe orcas.

“Killer Whales” is the term used to describe the orcas who perform in SeaWorld Entertainment shows.

In a few emotional scenes in the documentary, there is extreme cruelty of separating whale children from their mothers and listening to the howls of the mothers’ grief.

That’s why it is one of the most emotional documentaries ever.

8) McQueen

McQueen’s story is all about fashion, illustrated by plentiful home movie clips of the fashion designer and those closest to him.

The Nyman music helps make the film an even more emotionally engaging experience than any other head-style documentary portrait of an artist

The filmmakers celebrate Mcqueen’s prodigious achievements but the sadness is that he never managed to escape the hothouse world of the fashion industry.

Remember we stated at the beginning of the article that it’s kind of hard to get over the instinct of watching documentary films? After going through the list you must have started to dwell on the same feeling. If not we strongly advise you to have a piece or two of the films mentioned in the countdown.


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