Top 5 Movies For Your Murder Mystery Night


Murder Mystery Night

Murder Mystery Night: A stormy night!

You cooped in the comfort of your bed, got a cozy comforter, and then the suspenseful music commenced.

Yes, I am talking about the most comforting hours of a mystery lover.

A mystery movie night!

If you are someone who does this religiously every Friday night, then you should already be excited about it.

However, there could also be another possibility for why you have stumbled across this article.

You are running out of murder mystery movies to watch!

Well, isn’t that sad news?

Not anymore!

In this excerpt below, we are giving you the best murder mystery movies, which will surely give you all the mood of a thriller Friday movie night.

Where To Watch Them?


Hold on!

The names that we will be mentioning now are quite unique. Some could even be classics, and you might not be able to get them all from those OTT platforms.

So, stop downloading and paying half of your salary to them.

Be wise, and start watching these movies for free.

Yes, you heard it right, we said for free!

Simply go to the pirate bay, and get all these movies for free.

Movies For The Perfect Murder Mystery Night

Here are some of the best-handpicked movies for cinephiles if you want to enjoy that perfect murder mystery night.

1. Dial M For Murder



Planned murders!

Plus –

Grace Kelly!

If you want a perfect cozy murder mystery night, indulge in this 1954 classic, ‘Dial M for Murder, where an aggrieved and wrathed husband is hell-bent on seeking revenge on his wife because of an affair she had a year ago.

But what happens when the wife finds out about the plan?

2. Clue

A murder board game is coming to life and a fancy dinner party. Isn’t it just perfect!

These are two of the most exciting scenario which makes a murder mystery movie worth all the adrenaline rush.

Clue is about the board game clue, where there is an unexpected murder at a dinner party. Now, the question is, is it a game, or is someone really murdered?

Just a classic plotline!

3. The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo

If you want a murder mystery with suspense and violence, then this is the pick for you.

Adapted from the bestselling selling, the story is about a detective who is adamant about solving the murder of a 40-year-old rich woman.

Fair warning, definitely not something for the faint heart.

4. Rear Window

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock but do not wish to watch a psychological thriller, then for the 1954 ‘Rear Window.’

A crippled photographer is prying on his neighbors and witnesses a murder.

Now, he cannot help but solve it!

Should I just get the coke and popcorn ready?

5. Death On A Nile

Whether you are watching the 1978 adaptation or the 2022 adaptation, no murder mystery movie list is complete without mentioning the queen of murder mystery Agatha Cristie.

A murder amidst the mesmerizing beauty of Egypt’s Nile!

Yes, even we cannot wait to watch it.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the purpose of us answering these questions is nothing serious. They are just for the purpose of fun and adding some more thrilling characters to the excerpt.

1. Are Thriller & Horror The Same?

Ans. Now listen!

Horror can be a thriller, but not all thrillers are a horror. For cinephiles, Friday movie nights are holy. We watch them specifically to get a certain kind of feel, and we wouldn’t want to ruin it by getting the wrong emotion itched.

This is why let us be very clear about the difference between horror and thriller.

The purpose of a horror movie is to get your adrenaline pumped throughout by horrifying you with terrifying plots and jumpscares. Probably something that will keep you up all night.

A thriller, on the other hand, is supposed to thrill you. This means to keep you biting your nails throughout the movie, heartbeat rising and goosebumps.

Hopefully, we were able to clear out the difference between the two.

2. Can A Thriller Be Scary?

Ans. Technically a thriller should be scarier than a horror since it delves into the realism of life and not the paranormal, whose existence is still questionable.

Especially if you are watching a psychological thriller murder mystery like Psycho, you should be more scared since this is something very well that happens in real life.


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