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Chhipakali is a 2023 Bollywood Thriller drama movie, written and directed by Koushik Kar. Yashpal Sharma, Yogesh Bhardwaj, and Tannistha Biswas played lead roles in the movie. Sarvesh Kashyaph, Meemo are the producers of the movie under the banners of Studiographe Entertainments, Suan Silver Screen Production. Chhipkali movie released on 14th April 2023. Here get the details about Chhipkali full movie download.

Chhipkali Movie Trailer

Chhipkali is scheduled to be released on 14 April, 2023. Chhipkali is a story which questions our limited understanding of the world, our misconceptions about life, derived only from what we directly witness. It highlights our incapability to look beyond the stereotyped realism. The story challenges our conscious mindset, outlook towards the perceptible world, our society, its norms and the entire judiciary. Through a very interesting interrogative session between a detective and a suspect in a murder case, we focus on an unexplored dimension of time that surpass our conscious mind.

Movie Story

The movie follows a private investigator who visits the place of an author to investigate a double homicide for which the author was previously acquitted in the court. The two engage in conversation and it starts the revelation of shocking mysteries and twists and turns.

Yashpal Sharma and Yogesh Bhardwaj as the author and the private investigator respectively are at the top of their game in this brilliant film that just never goes off the hook. The chemistry between the two main leads is just a treat to watch. Both of them have brought probably the best out of their careers so far in this mystery crime thriller.

Chhipkali Full Movie Download

Chhipkali movie is in entertaining in theatres. Encourage small movies, these small movies are motives and realistic and touches to audience’s hearts. So, we recommend the audience Watch Chhipkali movie on legal platforms only.

Movie Review

This thrilling tale commences with the arrival of Rudraksh Roy, a private investigator, at the home of Aloke Chaturvedi, an author, who had previously been acquitted by the court in a case involving the suspected murders of his wife and son. The investigator believes that there may be more to the case than meets the eye and seeks to uncover the truth. The author, who lives alone in his spacious residence, often envisions the characters from his novels as his companions. The ensuing discourse between the two individuals is a battle of wits and intellect as they each attempt to outmanoeuvre the other. The climax of the story is best left undisclosed to allow the audience to enjoy the thrill of the journey.

The crux of the film revolves around just two characters, portrayed with great spirit by Yashpal Sharma as author Aloke Chaturvedi and Yogesh Bhardwaj as private investigator Rudraksh Roy. While both actors give strong performances, Sharma is particularly noteworthy as he fully immerses himself in his character and appears comfortable in the theatrical atmosphere of the film. Although the film delivers impressive performances and a well-crafted score, its abstruse plot and overly theatrical setting hinder its success. Furthermore, the dialogues punctuated with words that may prove challenging for the average viewer to grasp.

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