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Agent is a romantic ultra-stylish action entertainer movie written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Surender Reddy. The movie casts Akhil Akkineni and many others are in the lead roles. The Music is composed by Thaman S while cinematography is done by Ragul Dharuman and it is edited by Navin Nooli. The film is produced by Anil Sunkara under AK Entertainments banner. The movie  released on 28th April 2023. Here get the details about Agent full movie download.

Agent Movie Trailer

The trailer for “Agent,” featuring Akhil Akkineni in a groundbreaking role as a bold, adventurous spy, has been released by the film’s creators. Akkineni’s portrayal of the character is impressive and thrilling, as he fearlessly dives into action whenever necessary. The footage is nothing short of amazing. With the release of “Agent” on the horizon, Akhil Akkineni has been preparing for what is expected to be the most significant film of his career.

The glimpse of the plot line behind the Agent trailer is thrilling. Mammootty has his own attention on the screen with his natural ease in his performance. With the past films of Surender Reddy, it can expected to be something interesting. There were a few glimpses of the lead pair. The music composed by Hip Hop Tamizha is an added asset to the action sequences.

Movie Story

P. Ramakrishna aka Rickey (Akhil Akkineni) is a hyperactive youngster who wishes to be a spy but rejected three times by the RAW. So, he hacks RAW chief Mahadev aka The Devil’s (Mammootty) system to noticed by him. Finally, The Devil secretly appoints him on a mission to find the action plan of God (Dino Morea) who planned something big to destroy India. Who is God? What is his relationship with The Devil? Did Vicky find him and stop his mission? What happened next? The movie has all the answers.

Just like any other action film, Agent too has a thin storyline. It is the story of a guy called Ramakrishna/ Rikki/ Wild Saala (Akhil Akkineni), whose only target in life is to become a RAW agent. He has working his whole life with this sole ambition, but has rejected by the agency time and again. He worships RAW chief Mahadev/ Devil (Mammootty) whom he hopes to impress and join the force. Mahadev is currently fighting a group called the Syndicate, headed by Dharma/God (Dino Morea), with home minister Jaya Shankar being a crucial part of the gang. They are on the verge of activating ‘super cells’ and Mahadev aims to stop them at any cost. What these super cells mean, how dangerous they were not known.

Agent Full Movie Download

Akhil Akkineni is coming back to his action avatar with Agent in Surender Reddy’s direction. He is coming to big screens almost after a two-year break. Akhil seen in all new look for the Agent while the trailer looked stylish and action-packed.  The Agent seems to be on a big mission and let us see the review of how his mission went. Watch Agent movie in theatres only.

Movie Review

Comparisons with the recent spy film Pathaan are bound to happen. Agent also tries to capture all the elements of an international spy adventure, but flounders in several respects. Director Surender Reddy known for stylish and emotional action adventures. Here, the emotional connection is absent, and when it shows up, it is too weak and too late. The film, however, goes all guns blazing in the action department, which becomes mind-numbing after a while. Akhil’s natural charm downplayed here as makers stick to the muscular, goon-bashing template required for an action hero. Even the romance angle gets a short shrift in favour of action. The romantic interest, played by Sakshi Vaidya hardly gets space enough to connect with the audience. The second half, which offers some explanation to the ‘Wild Saala’ identity of the hero, keeps the most necessary pointers till too late.

Akhil put his full efforts into the role of the wild agent, but his character always appears needlessly hyper. His action stunts and looks show his dedication. The poor story and the way it pulled off purs cold water on his effort. Dino Morea is just another Hindi villain who does all the high-profile bad jobs and his character is severely boring. A stylish villain might needed for the role, but he, the same old baddie we have seen a lot of times in many movies so far. Time for filmmakers to realize the need for a change of villain characters.

Mammootty is good in his role as a Raw chief. He efficient for the role given, but he wasted in this clumsy spy action movie. Sakshi Vaidhya looked good, but her acting skills are very poor. It looks like we are watching a dubbed movie as the heroine’s dialogues are not in lip sync. Others like Murli Sharma, Satya, and Sampath Raj did their part in their respective roles.

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