Sammathame Full Movie Download Online, Trailer, Story, Review


Sammathame Full Movie Download

Sammathame is a Telugu Romantic Drama entertainer movie. Story, Screenplay, and directed by Gopinath Reddy. Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary are playing lead roles. Sekhar Chandra is composing the music for this movie while cinematography done by Sateesh Reddy Masam. It is edited by Viplav Nyshadam. The film is produced by K Praveena Under UG Productions. The movie released on 24th June 2022. Here get the details about Sammathame Full Movie Download.

Sammathame Movie Trailer

Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram), who works in a software company in Hyderabad, rejects Saanvi (Chandini) at pelli choopulu after knowing her first love experience in college. He doesn’t like the idea of his wife having a romantic past.

Movie Story

Sammathame is the story of Krishna (Kiran Abbavaram) who loses his mother during his childhood days. Krishna wants to find the right girl in his life and bring back the glory to his house. He works on the philosophy of marrying the right girl and love her for the rest of his life. Krishna is one youngster who has enough clarity about the girl he should marry. In this process, he meets Sanvi (Chandini Chowdary) who is against his requirements. Krishna falls in love with Sanvi and he believes that he can change her. The rest of Sammathame is all about their journey and how he convinces Sanvi.

Sammathame Full Movie Download

Kiran Abbavaram maintained his graph as increased movie by movie. He chooses different and challenging scripts to entertain the audience. Now he coming with the Sammathame movie in the theatres. For this movie Kiran Abbavaram promoted by own his ways. Definitely, many people said this movie message to youngsters, who are ready to marry. Watch Sammathame movie on legal streaming platforms.

Movie Review

Sammathame has a simple story and it laced with logic. The director wanted to narrate the complications in any relationship. Sammathame story discussed in several Telugu films. The narration is completely predictable and the film reminds the audience of several Tollywood films. Every young man who gets married wants his fiance to be like this.

Sanctions are imposed on a wife who abandons burglary. He thinks it is his love for his wife. But how much trouble does the girl get because of those restrictions? Patikellu girl lives as she likes. How reasonable is it to be like her husband after marriage? Will there be a life of its own? Director Gopinath Reddy said the same thing through the film ‘Sammatame’.

Kirana Abbavaram played the role of Krishna very well. His form is present in every form for today’s generation of young people. However, acting with the same expressions throughout the film is a bit of a minus. Chowdhury threw Chandi as Shanvi. Apart from looking beautiful on screen. she was impressed with her performance as a modern girl. Goparaju Ramana once again showed his experience on screen as the father of the hero. Even the characters Kiran and Shanvi return in the story. only in the climax, the dialogues told by Goparaju Ramana so recognizable to the audience.

In the second half, Saptagiri tried to make people laugh with his comedy. Shiva Narayana, Annapoornamma, Saddam etc. acted within the scope of their roles. In terms of technology. Shekhar Chandra’s music is the main strength of this film. Provided excellent background music with lyrics. The songs come in line with the story. Doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

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