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Rocketry Full Movie Download

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect movie is a multi-lingual biographical drama movie. Madhavan is the screenplay writer and director of the movie. Madhavan and Simran are playing lead roles. Sharuk Khan and Suriya playing in a cameo appearance. The movie producers are Sarita Madhavan, Madhavan, Varghese Moolan, and Vijay Moolan under Tricolour Films and Varghese Moolan Pictures.  Sam C. S. is the music composer of the movie. Rocketry: The Nambi Effect movie released on 1 July 2022 in English, Hindi, and all south languages. Here get the details about Rocketry full movie download.

Rocketry Movie Trailer

Yash Raj Films released the trailer of Rocketry: The Nambi Effect movie on 23rd June 2022 on Youtube. The trailer shows the slightly expose story about ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan.

Movie Story

The movie is based on pure facts no-nonsense, no over drama. It is for people who are intelligent enough to understand it and know the truth. we know that there are plenty of youtube videos available to watch for Sir Nambi’s innocence but anyone rarely watches them. This movie brought to the light what a true patriot had to go through for his hard work and honesty just for the sake of some petty political issues. No monetary benefits, no award can bring back his glorious life and what he lost.

Rocketry Full Movie Download

Rocketry is not a movie it’s an emotion of Nmabi’s family and Madhavan shows brilliantly on his efforts for this country. Definitely, everyone should know this type of story. We suggest movie audience please watch Rocketry: The Nambi Effect movie in theatres only. This is not ordinary like drama, fights, or romance movies. It is a genuine people suffered, Madhavan good try to make this type of movie to give people.

Movie Review

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is a biographical drama film based on the life of Nambi Narayanan. He is a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation. who falsely accused of espionage?

It’s a story some know and most don’t and ROCKETRY has an inquisitive beginning. The narration is fluid and a lot of space science thrown in as well that some could find intimidating. Though the pace of the movie is steady the docu drama effect is obvious, more so because of the period that it is set in. The movie is not all about science and technology there is a lot of simple humour and family values that are endearing. On the down side the most important portion of the film looks a little rushed. The vindication part could be handled better. The climax is brilliantly handled.

The movie is the first of its kind in Indian cinema. A right combination of various ingredients facts, science, humor, and emotions. The story of a genius scientist Nambi Narayanan, who faced treachery in our own land. An engineer himself and a debutant director, Madhavan sir’s level of detailing were so perfect. The screenplay was quite smooth and engaging. Madhavan’s acting was out of the world, he has lived as Nambi Narayanan throughout the movie. We need more meaningful movies like The Kashmir Files and Rocketry. This movie is a must-watch for all Indians. Salute to Padma Bhushan Shri Nambi Narayanan for all that he has done for the country.

Cinematography by Sirisha Ray captures the mood perfectly. Sam CS background score is apt. Bijit Bala could have been finer with his editing. Dialogues are good and for a debutant, Madhavan is fantastic in the direction department.

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