Saroj Ka Rishta Movie News and Updates, Story, Trailer, Release Info


Saroj Ka Rishta Movie News

Saroj Ka Rishta is a 2022 Bollywood drama movie. The movie directed by Abhishek Saxena. Kumud Mishra, Gaurav Pandey, Randeep Rai, Kritika Awasthi, Sanah Kapur, Mukesh Bhatt, Neelu Kohli, Bunty Chopra, and Ashok Pathak are playing roles in this movie. The movie produced by Anmol Kapoor, Nazia Siddiqui, Narendra Garg, and Raman Kapoor. The movie scheduled to release on 16th September 2022. Here in this article, we are providing the information about Saroj Ka Rishta Movie News and updates.

Saroj Ka Rishta Movie Trailer

The more than two-minute-long trailer opens with Sanah Kapur being introduced as Saroj, who is exactly the opposite of how her father (Kumud Mishra) describes her to probable suitors. She has feelings for a boy who wants a slim girl as revealed by her sister. As she reaches the gym to lose weight without any pain, her gym trainer falls for her. He likes her irrespective of her weight and even says it doesn’t matter the moon is big or small, fatness is the symbol of happiness.

While it remains to be seen who will actually get to marry Saroj, Kumud Mishra’s line from the trailer wins hearts. He says parents shouldn’t marry off their daughter just because she is turning older or the neighbors are commenting about her. Supriya as Saroj’s mother, meanwhile, is seen doling out some love advice to her daughter.

Movie Story

The film Saroj ka Rishta revolves around Saroj (Sanah Kapur), who plays the role of a young girl and wants to marry Vikram (Randeep Rai). In order to marry Vikram, Sanah, the fatty girl, is ready to lose weight also. But came across another man Gaurav Pandey( Gym Trainer) during the weight lose journey. What happens in Saroj’s life after it, and to whom she will marry is all about movie Saroj ka Rishta.

Movie News

The teaser has the Voiceover of actor Arshad Warsi and it gives us the sneak peek into life of Saroj, who is a full-of-life person but the only thing that she bothers about is her weight, which is 120 Kg. She lives with her father who loves him to the core and often worries about how he would live when Saroj gets married.

Saroj is a girl bold in nature and doesn’t spare whoever tries to unnecessarily bother or irritate her. Despite being an overweight girl she is the sought-after girl of her city. The teaser & trailer also show the love triangle between Saroj, Gaurav Pandey and Randeep Rai.

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