Viswasam Movie Review and Ratings


Viswasam is a good movie to watch with family and friends. The movie contains a lot of action scenes and emotional scenes which made the movie worth watching. Here are the Viswasam review and rating.

Viswasam 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Viswasam Story

Viswasam is filled with full of entertainment the storyline of this movie is amazing. Ajith gets married to Nayanthara and after marriage she gets pregnant. At the time of her delivery, Ajith messed in a fight and misses the delivery.

After a short span, he gets to know that the baby child is died after being born. Nayanthara leaves Ajith and she travels to Mumbai. Eventually, they reunite after 12 years and he gets to know his daughter is alive, not dead. Thereafter, he goes on a quest to save her daughter from a Jagapathi Bapu who is playing the role of villain.

Viswasam Review

Viswasam movie is out and we have got a lot of positive responses from our audience. This is one of the best Family entertainment movies and Ajit gets a good start in 2019. Viswasam has an amazing story about how a businessman fight with a guy from the village. The whole movie is a war between the corporate looking to take over the lands of the farmers.

Ajit’s acting in Viswasam is mind-blowing and Nayanthara’s charm is clearly seen in the movie. The story is quite expectable, but there are a few twists in the movie that actually make the movie worth watching.

Viswasam is one of the best movies to watch with your family during Pongal. Also, there are a few suspense that we don’t like to spoil it for you. After watching the movie, we can say that Viswasam will surely be a hit movie.

Ajith’s Acting Review

Thala Ajith is a well-known actor and he has done many films in his career. However, focusing on Viswasam, Ajith has impressed again in his new movie Viswasam. Ajith is playing a lead role in this movie and displayed as a notorious gang leader. He does every role in a better way and this is a reason people get impressed by him. Nevertheless, the way he delivers dialogues with perfect timing is just amazing. This is the main reason people love his movies and it gets hit on the Box Office Collection.

Viswasam Public Review

Fans response for Viswasam is quite positive. As we can see everyone declares it as the best Family entertainment drama movie. Also, we see a lot of appreciation for Ajit’s acting and Action. Being loved by the audience, we believe that Viswasam Box Office Collection will go positive. We are just waiting for Petta so that we can do a proper comparison.

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Viswasam Screenplay

The screenplay of this movie is developed very well that fans and audience loved it. There are many action scenes in the movie where Ajit’s fans go crazy and even there are some emotional scenes that go in the flow of the story. At the end of the movie, a beautiful message is displayed.

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Viswasam movie music review

There are around 5 songs in Viswasam and all of them are amazing. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is really appreciable and it feels good to listen the music. Nevertheless, the groovy music is composed by D Imaan.

Viswasam Movie Direction 

The movie director Siva has tremendously directed the movie. The Scenes in this movie are well directed and even the story of this movie is written by him. The expert director has done many films and had a good experience to direct the movie. Most of Siva’s films are hit because of the good storyline and good direction of the movie.




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