Top 10 Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2023


2022 turned out to be a complicated year for the crypto market and challenging for its investors and crypto holders. When in spring 2022, the market collapsed, it created panic among investors, and many people left the market by selling out their holdings. 

When the market is moving down, it is called a bear trend. Many investors believe that buying crypto assets while the prices are low is the best option, for the bull trend always comes to change the bear trend.

Trading cryptocurrencies is possible even on a downtrend. This method is also called “going short”, which means selling out coins before the significant drop and buying them back at a much lower rate. 

Let’s talk about choosing assets for investment and trading.

Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy 

Here are some tips on picking an asset:

  • Analyse if the project has any technical essence and usefulness for the industry.
  • Check out who are the project’s founders and whether they have made any successful products in the past.
  • What is the current price of the asset, and how did it change? How big is its market cap and trade volume?
  • Who supports the project?
  • What does the roadmap look like?

Of course, the best cryptocurrency to buy is Bitcoin, for it has the largest market capitalisation and trade volume and is the market’s leader. As of November 12, 2022, the BTC price is low – it has dropped to $16,69 for one coin. 

Here are the ten best digital coins to buy:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum 
  3. BNB
  4. XRP Ripple
  5. Cardano
  6. Solana
  7. Polkadot
  8. Dai
  9. Polygon
  10. Tron.

These are the top cryptocurrencies for trading and investment worth buying. Look for these coins on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange and trade safely.

If you are interested in the market news and new promising coins and want to learn how to trade crypto, visit the WhiteBIT blog.


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