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Super Over Movie

Super Over is a Telugu crime thriller movie. The movie was written and directed by Praveen Varma while produced by Sudheer Varma through SAS Pictures production company. The lead roles Naveen Chandra, Chandini Chowdary, and Ajay in main roles. The music is composed by Sunny. The movie streaming on 22 January 2021 on Aha. Here find the Super Over Full Movie Download details.

Super Over Movie Story

Super movie story revolves around childhood friends, Kaasi, Vaasu, and Madhu ( portrayed by Naveen Chandra, Rakendu Mouli, and Chandini Chowdary respectively) lead an easy life. one fine day, Kaasi upset with his financial problems, Madhu gets tilted towards cricket betting. By the end of the cricket premier league season, he wins a massive amount, and his friends Vaasu and Madhu become a part of it. The real story starts here as they get into big trouble through a bookie. Finally, they solve their problems. This is a thrilling film don’t miss watching the movie.

Cast Performance

Naveen Chandra, Chandini Chowdary, and Rakendu Mouli perfectly fit in their given roles. The chemistry between the three friends looks so natural. The way all the cricket betting scenes and bookie set up has been presented in an authentic manner looks realistic.

The way the main story has been narrated in one single night is good and has enough crime and thrilling elements in it. The entire night episodes are executed with a gripping screenplay added with good twists and turns. Actor Ajay as a tough cop gave a decent performance. All the cat and mouse scenes between Ajay and friends are nice.

The chasing episode canned in the night has come out quite well and looks gripping on screen. Actor Praveen and viva Harsha are okay in their short but prominent roles.

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