Ranbir Kapoor A New Super Who Controles Agni – Brahmastra


Ranbir Kapoor In Brahmastra

It looks like the shooting for Brahmastra movie has started. In a couple of days, we have heard a lot of news about Brahmastra, but the story for this movie is still a secret. Ranbir Kapoor in Instagram put some light about his character in this movie.

We are not sure about Ranbir Kapoor‘s name in this movie but is said to be Shiva. From his Instagram post, Ranvir is shown developing the power to control Agni (Fire). Whereas, the illustration of his character gives more detail on how the scene will look like.

Ranbir Kapoor Brahmastra Illustration

This makes things clear that Ranbir who dreams about Brahmastra has the power to control elements. This also ensures that the entire movie will have a lot of VFX used. Will this become Ranbir’s best movie? To know more will have to wait till Brahmastra Trailer is out.

More or less, we believe that the movie is going to be one of the best movies in 2019. Currently, the movie is in the shooting stage, which means that the trailer for the movie will be out by September or November of 2019. By that time, we will keep you posted will regularly update on this movie.

We hope that in a couple of days we might also get to know more about other characters in this movie.

Do let us know your thought on what you expect from this movie. Will this break the record of Ranbir’s Barfi? Also, this is his comeback in Big Screen after a long time. To know more about the movie and Bollywood News, keep following Moviescq.com.

Brahmastra Movie Trailer

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