Nail Polish Web Series Leaked Online by Filmyzilla


Nail Polish Web Series

We have had courtroom drama movies in the past and we all must arrive at a consensus that they are off the edge thrillers. They keep you glued to your television screens and are quite appealing to viewers.

Nail Polish is Directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna, it is a Zee5 premium offering. The appealing movie includes an unwavering midpoint-swerve where the antagonist of the movie behaves specifically like females. Manav Kaul is a stellar performer who showcased par excellence with twisted characterization.


The film is quite gripping with some shocking and troubling with a murderous visual depiction. Furthermore, the villain of the film has an unresolved mental state, such as Dissociative Identity Disorder. It is one of the finest decisions from the director Bugs Bhargava Krishna, to cast Manav Kaul as Veer Singh. It was a difficult option, but the actor has nailed the personality.

The film also has the talismanic actor, Arjun Rampal as Siddharth Jaisingh, who involves the rescue as the protagonists’ defense lawyer. Currently, there are several concerns that audiences look for at till the end of the movie.

Nail Polish movie Review and other Information:

The court drama originates from Bugs Bhargava Krishan’s mind, who in this movie helms the duty of both writers and also the director. 

Nail Polish is both rejuvenating and also inviting. Manav Singh, a remarkable former soldier who is now transformed into a harmless sports coach, is implicated in sexual assault. Things become made complex when Veer Singh murders a handful of youngsters or is suspected of the murder. 

By the appearances of it, the movie and the plot is quite vivid from the courtroom or legal dramatization that Indian audiences have seen before. As a defense lawyer, Arjan Rampal appears a little washed out, as well as he holds all of the cards in the proceedings.

It was a pleasure to see Arjun Rampal, who asks rhetorical questions alongside the appropriate punctuations. He never elevates his voice to make a point, considered that he is quite the opposite as a legal representative.

Nail Polish movie Plot: what’s the movie about?

The lawful courtroom series might not blow anyone who is not a follower of courtroom dramatization right away. However, if you are among the pursuers of legislation or you like films and TELEVISION Series like Matches or The Lincoln Lawyer, after that you’ll delight in the drama a lot. You’ll discover several unanticipated spins that will confuse you as well as provide you a brand-new viewpoint of life.

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Nail Polish Web Series  Download Leaked by Filmyzilla

We have plenty of websites that simply run to leakage movies and web series. They have adopted this as their business model. Filmyzilla is one such website. They have leaked the ZEE5 latest movie Nail Polish, despite the multiple warnings issued to them in the past.

Nail Polish web series was leaked by Filmyzilla and also other torrent sites. The download links of the movie are circulated with different networks of Telegram and various other social media sites. Pirated versions of this film are readily available for both downloads as well as watch online in various print layouts varying from full HD to 480p.


It’s heartbreaking on part of the moviemakers to see their movies leaked just for some peanuts. Their sweat and hard work go in vain, this is something that should be curbed.

The audience is expected to make full use of their wisdom and show assistance to these directors and actors by utilizing the confirmed systems to watch the latest movies instead of opting for the pirated variation of such movies This will certainly serve as support and also will bring down such piracy sites.


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