Minnal Murali Full Movie Download Leaked by Tamilrockers


Minnal Murali Full Movie Download

Minnal Murali is an upcoming Malayalam film. The film is directed by Basil Joseph and will feature Tovino Thomas as the lead character. The movie represents the story of Jaison, who acquires special abilities after existing struck by lightning. Minnal Murali is produced by Sophia Paul under the banner Weekend Blockbusters. Minnal Murali is fixed to premiere on 24th December exclusively on Netflix. The movie likewise stars Guru Somasundaram, Aju Varghese, Femina George, and Harisree Ashokan in the lead roles. The movie music has composed by Shaan Rahman.

Movie Trailer

The trailer shows a glimpse of Tovino as indeed a superhero who helps the people of his village. The one-minute video extends with injured faces and how people are leaving a village. Minnal Murali, played by Tovino Thomas, is indeed a superhero with a dignified cause to help the needy. Sharing the trailer on social media, Tovino wrote, Double the speed, double the thrill, double the trailer. It’s going to be an electrifying watch on the 24th of December.

Movie Story

Minnal Murali is set in the late 80s of a small village in Kerala. Jaison(Tovinno Thomas) is a stitcher who is in passion with Bincy. But she leaves him for a richer man leaving Tovino heartbroken. On the other hand, Shibu(Goru Somasundaram) works at a tea shop and still has emotions for Usha who once eloped with her boyfriend. One good day, lighting slaps the village and beats both Jaison and Shibu. Both these men attain superpowers but Jaison utilizes them for good and Shibu arrives in the way of Jaison. How this face-off occurs is the story.

Minnal Murali Full Movie Download Leaked by Tamilrockers

Many people are liking of watching movies. That’s why people start exploring multiple ways to download films on the internet. And at the current time, there are multiple such websites on Google, which deliver films to people for free. That’s why many people search Minnal Murali Full Movie Download Tamilrockers on the internet to Films.

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Movie Review

The best element of Minnal Murali is the path the hero and villain are given superpowers. These powers are not over the lid and it’s irregular that you see a superhero in a lungi racing over cars, hitting the bad guy, and holding village folk.

Lead actor, Tovino Thomas is great in his role and showcases the change of a common man who owns superpowers in a lovely way. In a way, what the personality Jaison is reaching through inside has carried out so nicely by Tovino. The comedy scenes in the film are also proper.

The background, screenplay, and the way in which the superhero angle has carried in with good logic make this movie fully sensible. Guru Somasundaram who plays the faked Minnal Murali is also great in his role. The way he carries out his selfish side in the character looks suitable.


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