Top 10 WWE wrestlers who get paid the highest in movies.


Top 10 WWE wrestlers who get paid the highest in movies.

We have come across a lot of wrestling matches, wrestlers, wrestling series. But when we heard the word wrestling the first thing that comes to our mind is WWE. From kids to adults everyone loves to watch WWE. People would become enthusiastic when they saw WWE. Even the WWE superstars fight for money. They were entertaining people for many years.

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These WWE wrestlers not only entertain people by WWE. They also entertain people by acting in movies. A lot of superstars has acted in Hollywood films and even to some great extent, some superstars changed their profession from wrestling to acting.

In this post, you can find out the highest paid wwe wrestlers in movies

  1. Kane


We have seen Kane attacking his opponents with chokeslam and tomb stone. But how many of you know that he has acted in five movies.

  1. Countdown
  2. See no evil
  3. See no evil 2
  4. Comodo vs Kobra

Salary: $4 million

  1. the miz

Miz is one of the handsome superstars of WWE. He has 2-time WWE champion. miz not only acted in movies. He also acts in many tv serials and also he owns a channel named after him. Miz tv

  1. The marine series 3,4,5
  2. Santa’s little helper
  3. Christmas bounty

Salary: $10 million

  1. Sheamus

     Sheamus has been part of WWE for the past 8 years the movies he acted are

  1. Teenage mutant ninja 2
  2. The Escapist

Salary: $15 million

  1. randy Orton


When we hear the name Randy Orton the first thing comes to our mind is rko. the movies he acted are

  1. The condemned 2
  2. 12 rounds reloaded

Salary: $ 20 million

  1. The great Khali

        You can wonder how can this 7-foot giant can act as a hero. No, he hasn’t acted as a hero but he played a villain role in no of movies.

  1. Get smart
  2. The longest yard



                 This superstar has acted in movies namely

  1. The condemned
  2. The expandables
  3. The longest yard

And the list goes on

Salary: $23 million

Third: Brock Lesner

              Brock Lesner also called as beast has acted in

  1. Fox catcher

Salary: $25 million

Second: John Cena

                john  Cena the favourite wrestler of all time has acted in many movies like marine, 12 rounds, the wall

Salary: $30 million

First: Dwayne Johnson ( rock )

             Dwayne Johnson not only highest paid among wrestlers. He has been ranked as the highest paid actors of 2017 and also ranked as top among the hottest men alive on earth.

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