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Godfather is a 2022 Telugu political drama movie starring Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana and Salman Khan in a guest appearance, is director Mohan Raja’s eighth remake. The director is aware that the source material, Malayalam film Lucifer starring Mohanlal, was an unabashed fanboy tribute to the star by actor-director Prithviraj Sukumaran. Mohan Raja takes the broad outline of Lucifer along with some of its key portions and does a fanboy tribute to Chiranjeevi. Here get the details about Godfather full movie download.

Lucifer was in a way philosophical as its writer Murali Gopy had used big words to create the myth of Stephen Nedumpally. The Malayalam original begins with the question of who’s Stephen Nedumpally and that question sustains the entire movie to the end. Even though Lucifer was set against a political backdrop, the film gravitated more towards presenting Stephen as a mythical character. Director Mohan Raja, however, has steered clear of mystery and has turned GodFather into a full-fledged political drama.

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The storyline involves clashes between Brahma and Jaidev and the story brings in a handful of other characters whose loyalties are not what they seem to be. These characters played by Sunil, Shafi and Brahmaji keep the proceedings interesting. Other characters include Puri Jagannadh, an investigative journalist and Anasuya a television news editor, both trying to stay on the right side of the moral compass.

Movie Story

When Chief Minister PKR passed away, his daughter Satya Priya (Nayanthara) and his son-in-law Jaidev (Satya Dev) decided to take the reins of the party and the government. Not aware of her husband’s true nature, Satya Priya proposes Jaidev’s name as the new president, which is rejected by MLAs and party men as they follow Brahma (Chiranjeevi), the stepson of the deceased CM.

Satya Priya hates Brahma and wants to keep him away from the party. Jaidev wants to buy all the MLAs with the money from a Mumbai don. The Mumbai mafia don, in return, seeks permission to set up a drugs production company in the state when Jaidev becomes CM of the state. How Brahma plays his game and saves his sister Satya Priya and the state from the schemes of Jaidev forms the rest of the story.

Movie Review

Mohan Raja has added some original twists to the narration, which were not present in Lucifer. For example, the confrontation scene between Brahma and Jaidev (Satyadev Kancharana). Jaidev gets to do all the shouting and aggressive gestures as Brahma remains calm, not reacting to any of the provocations. While Jaidev assumes a dominant position in the scene, in the end, he realises the reality. He has not got Brahma boxed in, but the opposite is true. Mohan uses clever and subtle ways to elevate Brahma’s heroism.

Satyadev gets a character that is as devious as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and the actor revels in it. In the scenes where he crosses paths with Chiranjeevi or the showdown with Nayanthara, the actor nearly walks away with the film. Murali Sharma is fun to watch as a scheming politician.

Nayanthara gets a meatier role than Manju Warrier in the original, and she is effective as the stoic daughter and adamant woman who takes time to see things for what they are. She has to convey her emotional turbulence in a restrained manner and she does it well.

The unintentionally funny portions involve Salman Khan in a guest appearance; the action portions featuring him with customized weapons never have the desired effect thanks to the poor visual effects. He called Masoom Khan and gets to shake a leg with Chiranjeevi. Music composer Thaman amps it up in the background score and with the ’ Taar maar takkar maar’ song featuring the two actors, but the choreography felt underwhelming.

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