Finally KGF chapter 2 shooting begins


After a long wait Finally, KGF chapter 2 shooting begins. The makers announced earlier that the KGF chapter 2 shooting begins on 8th May. However, due to some unknown issues KGF chapter 2 shooting got delayed.

KGF chapter 1 which was released last year was the first ever Kannada movie to gross over 200 crores. The film was a major blockbuster. Movie created a huge buzz in India and abroad. lead actor Rocking star Yash has confirmed that KGF chapter 2 will be bigger and better. Sanjay Dutt plays a key role in this movie. As we know KGF chapter 1 was majorly shot in Kolar, Mumbai, Bangalore. According to sources KGF Chapter 2 will be majorly shot in coastal parts of Karnataka, Udupi, Malpe, and Mangalore.

Along with all the new places we are going to see, Fans will also see new actors joining the KGF chapter 2. Recently there was an audition call for the movie which created a lot of buzz and we saw a lot of aspirants queuing up for auditions

Will KGF chapter 2 will be as amazing as the first chapter? That is something we will know only after the movie is released

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