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Ek Love Ya Movie

Idiot Film’s Heroine Rakshitha shifts producer with the launch of her brother as a hero in a movie titled Ek Love Ya. What is special about this movie other than its title is the fact that Rakshitha’s brother Raana is the foremost hero to debut in 4 languages, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

Cast & Crew:

The film has directed by the Legendary Kannada Director Jogi Prem who has known for his mastery over feelings. It has some of the most amazing music to the credit of the movies he has directed. He has directed all the greatest stars of Kannada including Shivarajkumar, Puneeth Raj Kumar, Darshan, and Sudeep, and has generated massive blockbusters.

Movie Plot:

The movie celebrates a new era where heroes are targeting multiple languages getaways from the first film itself. The multilingual debut of Raana is a welcome and bold action and will guarantee a bright future for the youngsters of the film industry if this trend continues.

The film has a unique casting too. It has debutante Reeshma Naniah who is still seeking her first year of college on one hand. It has the star actress Rachita ram as the other female lead role. This is another very intriguing mixture of female leads for the movie.

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Trailer Info:

The much-awaited trailer for the film Ek Love Ya is now out on Feb 11, 2022. The Kannada romantic action, written and directed by Prem. It features actor Raana as the leader, who will live caught paired with Reeshma, who’s causing her debut.

Prem conveyed the trailer with fans and wrote Thanks for making all the 5 songs blockbuster hit. As promised now offering you the trailer and the 6th song will be released on 14th Feb at Devanagari Ashoka theatre as Valentine’s gift Film casting on 24th Feb, keep loving & keep supporting.

Release Date Details:

The film shooting has nearly lived finished yet some after-creation work is coming. Recently the moviemakers need to declare the delivery date subtleties. Then, at that point, the Ek Love Ya film has delivered on 24 Feb 2022 in theaters.



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