Christmas releases of 2017 and Best films to watch this Christmas 2017


Christmas releases of 2017 are celebrated all over the world. Everyone will plan to spend their time with their special ones on special occasion. Hence you might plan to watch movies with your family on a Christmas day. What if the movie has not met up your expectations?. You will be disappointed. So here we present the best movies that will entertain you this Christmas.

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  1. Jumanji: welcome to the jungle

    best films to watch this christmas 2017

Jumanji series has been a huge hit until the release of the first series from kids to aged people everyone loves watching this film. The first part of the series was released in 1995 and the next part in 2010. The reason why we recommend this film is

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  • Dwayne Johnson plays a lead role in this part and whatever film he takes he gives his best to the viewers
  • Trailer of the film which was released a few months back was liked by most no of people and the trailer itself creates a lot of buzz among the audience
  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    best films to watch this christmas 2017

The next must watch the film on our list is star wars: the last Jedi. It is a continuation of star wars series and also be known as Star Wars 8. The film was to be released on Dec 15 ten days prior to Christmas. The two reasons why it a must watch is

  • Star wars is already a hit series and having many fans all over the world. The name star wars itself is enough to watch this film on Christmas eve
  • Next thing is directed Rian Johnson who has record giving good films

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Pitch perfect 3

best films to watch this christmas 2017

The next movie in our list is pitch perfect 3 which is a continuation of pitch-perfect series where the previous two parts were a huge hit. Though it’s an adult film can provide you good fun for 95 minutes.

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  • Watchable for Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow
  • Releasing on Dec 22. A perfect day to watch

The greatest showman

best films to watch this christmas 2017

The Greatest showman is the last film on our list to watch on Christmas eve 2017. Starring Hugh Jackman in the lead role is all set for release on the Christmas day. We give a high recommendation for this film because of two reasons

  • Because this is inspired by the imagination of P.T.Barunam
  • Because of the huge star cast crew

So its now your decision to decide which film to watch out of these four films. So pick the right one and have a great time on the Christmas day. “ Merry Christmas”

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