Ayan Mukerji Puts Light On Brahmastra – Says it’s a Romantic Movie


Ayan Mukerji - Brahmastra

Brahmastra is definitely creating a buzz on the Internet. Since their epic logo launch in Kumbh Mela with 150 drones and now saying that it a romantic movie. Ayan Mukerji, Director of Brahmastra recently put more light on the movie and said that the concept was on shoot since 2016.

Ayan shared an Instagram post from 2016 where Brahastra trio, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and Ayan were sitting in London VFX studio. He also mentions that the relationship between Alia and Ranbir started since then.

This ensures that the movie, Brahmastra was there in making since 2016. Which means a lot of shooting might already have done. Whereas other actors like Amitabh and Nagarjuna came into the picture a year later.

Ayan’s statement saying it a Romantic film definitely is pointing towards Alia and Ranbir. If the movie was in process since 2016, it means that the majority of the shoot might have already been done.

Considering the release date for the movie, we might expect the announcement soon. It is sure that the movie will release after August. In a couple of weeks, we will know more about the movie. We hope to see more Behind The Scene and Making of the movie in a couple of weeks.

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