Anaganaga O Athidhi Full Movie Download Online


Anaganaga O Athidhi Full Movie Download

Aha’s one of the recent release Telugu movie  Anaganaga O Athidhi. This film is an official remake of the Kannada Movie Aa Karaala Ratri. Anaganaga O Athidhi movie was streaming on November 20, 2020, on one of the trending Telugu OTT platforms Aha app. Kannada film director Dayal Padmanaban made a Telugu debut with Anaganga O Athidhi. It is the remake of his own Kannada movie Aa Kaala Ratri.

Anaganaga O Athidhi Full Movie Download

Anaganaga O Athidhi movie is based on a person (Srinivas) who left his village at his young age and returns back to his home after becoming successful in his life.  He has a father, mother, and his younger sister ( Mallika ). The family doesn’t know, he is their family member. He requests them to allow him to stay over the night. Then they give shelter the day.

Mallika(Payal Rajput) is a small-village girl who is going through financial issues along with her family. This is also the time she comes to know that her fortunes are going to change through an astrologer. After some time, a person named Sreenivas (Chaitanya Krishna) visits their home and changes things around.  He had a lot of money and gold in his bags. Later, the man is killed by his family members.  The movie Anaganaga O Athidhi has a very powerful message to the audience.

Cast Performance

Payal Rajput has actually got the meatiest character of her career and she tried her level best to suit the shoes of a character stuffed with greed, lust, deceit. She looked excellent as a town belle however it would have been more authentic if she had actually avoided makeup completely. She is just partially successful in emoting in the character which is very demanding.

Nevertheless, her body language is good for the character of a rebel girl. The dubbing for the character is good but she struggled to give proper lip-sync at places. Although there are some discrepancies, it is still her career-best performance and she must be appreciated for doing such a vibrant role.

Chaitanya Krishna

Chaitanya Krishna also did a good job. He portrays, Very well good expressions and the dialogue delivery also nice.



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