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Amigos is directed by Rajendra Reddy. The film also features Kalyan Ram Nandamuri,  Ashika Ranganath as the female lead along with Bhramaji, Jayapraash, and Kalyani Natrajan playing the supporting roles. The music was composed by Ghibran while the cinematography and editing were done by Soundar Rajan S and Tammiraju respectively. The film is produced jointly by Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar under the banner Mythri movie makers. Here get the details about Amigos full movie download.

Amigos Movie Trailer

Amigos trailer was released in a launch event in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh and it is quite intriguing. The three characters played by Kalyan Ram in this movie are very different from the previous movies. Amigos’ story revolves around three identical strangers who become friends and grow closer. But, one of these three can endanger the lives of the other two. The cops call him an Indian Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar is a drug lord and narco terrorist from Colombia. The difficulties faced by two other Kalyan Rams with him form the crux of the story. Recently Amigos movie celebrated the pre-release event. His Brother Jr. NTR came for this event as a chief guest.

The villain character of Kalyan Ram in the movie is introduced as the Indian Pablo Escobar in the trailer. Pablo Escobar is a drug lord and narco-terrorist in Colombia. The difficulties faced by two other characters will be the main turning point of the story. The trailer of this movie also shows how the gangster used the other two characters to get rid of the cops. The fans are eagerly waiting to see Kalyan Ram’s performance as a hero-cum-villain.

Story of Amigos

Siddharth (Kalyan Ram) who lives in Hyderabad, is fascinated by the concept of doppelgangers (lookalikes). He keeps searching for his lookalikes, and much to his surprise, he finds not one but two of them (Manjunath Hegde & Michael). Soon the three meet and Siddharth takes the help of the other two to make Ishika (Ashika Ranganath) fall for him. When everything is going well, Siddharth and Manjunath get to know the unknown side of Michael, which shocks them. Who is this Michael? What is his backstory? What did Siddharth and Manjunath do after knowing about Michael? The film has the answers.

Amigos Full Movie Download

Kalyan Ram now acted in different roles, recently he got the biggest blockbuster from the Bimbisara movie. After that movie, Amigos movie also creates curiosity in the audience with the teaser, trailer, and posters. Definitely, this movie creates a record compared to his previous movies. We recommend the audience doesn’t follow illegal sites to watch movies, it is illegal and criminal, against the law of government. Watch Amigos Full movie in theatres only.

Amigos Movie Review

From start to finish it is all Kalyan Ram’s show. Kalyan Ram has got a lion’s share of the screen time as he is seen almost in every frame of the film. It isn’t easy to play a triple role but Kalyan Ram has done the job effortlessly. It is important that an actor has to show variations while playing roles of this sort, and Kalyan Ram’s act was nothing short of brilliance. Amigos is undoubtedly one of the best performances by Kalyan Ram. The actor is ruthless as Michael, innocent as Manjunath, and shows subtleness as Siddharth.

The film has a few interesting moments and the proceedings are a bit fast in the second half. A tense atmosphere is nicely created between the antagonist and the protagonist’s family. Scenes that come in this regard are well-knitted and fairly engaging.

Music composer Ghibran’s BGM helps elevate the script, and cinematographer Soundarajan does a superb job of stitching these three look-alikes together. Saptagiri, Jayaprakash, Mathyu Vargees, Rajeev Pillai, Ravi Prakash, Sivannarayana, Chaitanya Krishna, Raghu Karumanchi, Manik Reddy, Gabbarsingh Sai, Sridhar, Ashokan Vincent, Nithin, Kalyani Natrajan, Rajasri Nair, Pranavi, Sonakshi Varma, Subhasria, Kireeti, Trishool, Sohail, Nainisha, Shiva and Guru played supporting roles.

The placement of Enno Ratrulosthayi song is good and brings in much-required relief in this seriously driven action drama. Ashika Ranganath makes a decent debut in Tollywood. She looked gorgeous and performed well in her limited role. Brahmaji ably supported Kalyan Ram and he evokes a few laughs. Jaya Prakash is decent.

The concept of “lookalikes” has existed for a while, and the Telugu film industry has been attempting to tell such stories since at least the days when Kalyan Ram’s grandfather played a dual role in “Ramudu Bheemudu.” However, the new director, Rajendra Reddy, brings a fresh take to this by incorporating the use of the Internet to find one’s doppelganger.

The premise of the film appears promising. Despite the hero playing three similar roles, the screenplay is clear, and the director has been successful in explaining the concept of doppelgangers meeting through a website in the first half of the film, which is primarily devoted to the main character’s love story.

However, the film lacks thrilling moments. The main plot twist appears in the second half of the film, but it fails to generate any excitement. The proceedings are not engaging. When the story reaches its main point, it becomes even more apparent that there are many logical problems. This is another Telugu film that portrays NIA officers as a group of buffoons.

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