9 Facts You Don’t Know About Live Casinos


    Online gambling has gained much popularity overtime. Live casinos are a new form of online gambling and give the players the feeling of playing in the traditional land based casino. The players of the live casino games interact with live dealers via OCR software. The live dealers shuffle cards in real-time from the live studio and players follow the entire action. Optical character recognition system (OCR) is used for recognizing the dealt cards. One can play various games just by sitting at the comfort of their homes. Also live casinos offer a better payback percentage in comparison to the other types of casino games. In this article we are going to discuss 9 interesting facts about live casinos:

    9 Facts You Don't Know About Live Casinos
    9 Facts You Don’t Know About Live Casinos

    1. Predominantly the boys game

    Online casino gamblers are mostly male. 11% of people accessing the internet actively use the gambling websites. Annual statistics reveal the fact that over 80% of the people in the online casino games are male. This includes all forms of internet gambling along with betting. One more interesting fact is that gamblers tend to be over the age of 30 years.

    2. The devil’s game

    Roulette is nicknamed as the Devil’s game. Reason is a bit scary!  If all the numbers shown on the wheel are added, the total is 666 which is also thought to be the number of the beast. However, roulette is statistically one of the best games for actually standing a chance of winning.

    3. How old is the trend?

    Online casinos are almost as old as the internet. Internet came into use in 1991 and micro gaming which is one of the biggest online gaming providers launched their site named as the gaming club in 1994. Since then the technology has seen major developments. The games are much slicker and professional now. Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are going to further improve the experience of playing online games.

    4. Lot of slots

    Now-a-days over 90% of slot game gambling happens over the Internet. The thought machines or the one-armed bandit as they were nicknamed when you pulled a single lever are now almost exclusively played online.

    5. Casinos don’t sleep

    The online casinos don’t require the actual staff since most of the games are automated. For every ten users accessing the Internet one of them is gambling.

    6. Slots are the most popular

    The slots are the most popular game over the internet today. The rules of table games like roulette and craps are too hard to get the hang of. You can also say that the people are much interested in the mindless fun after a long day in the office. Therefore, slots are by far and away the most popular games to play.

    7. Only online gambling

    There are some countries where you can gamble only when you use the Internet. There are no land based casinos and you must not be caught gambling in person otherwise you can be arrested and fined. Monaco is such a place. However, they have changed their mind and nowadays you can only play online casino games.

    8. Gambling is highly restricted game

    Gambling was banned in New Jersey but now they have made it legal. However, there are restrictions on the games that can be played both in the traditional land based as well as the online casinos.

    9. Huge money

    You can gain a huge amount of money almost instantly. In 2015, a player sitting at home in his living room in Cardiff bet 25p on the slot machines and went on to win £13.2 million. This is the world record for slot machine wins. The biggest win was for a player who joined the casino for the first time, spending just 30 minutes playing games and won a whopping 17.8 million euros.


    Live casinos are very practical, necessary and popular in today’s fast-paced environment. This is the reason why the leading casino operators are investing money in live gaming options. Operating a live casino is quite costly. The major expenses are connected with equipment, salaries of employees and game tables. Evolution Gaming is one of the leading providers in this live casino gaming industry. Their games stand out with quality and creativity.


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